Friday Strout

Director, Project Lead, Designer, Narrative, Copywriter, Marketer, Project Manager, Podcaster

Director / Project Lead

Requiring no supervision while coordinating dozens of freelancers to accomplish an inspired vision on time. Leadership and contributor teams are built with diversity from the ground up, not as a check in the box. My rates are hourly or full coverage, and I only take on projects I'm excited about. Send me an email for inquiries.


Skilled in design for D&D 5e, Tales of the Valiant, PBTA systems, and more. My writing/design rates are 10-20 cents a word depending on complexity. Editing: 3 cents a word. Marketing work is dependent on the project. Send me an email for inquiries.

Dark Veil. (Dark Veil Studios LLC, TBD).
Vineyard RPG. (Is Friday Productions LLC, 2024).
How To GM Romance. (Metal Weave Games, TBD).
Vineyard RPG: The Undead Gala. (Is Friday Productions LLC, 2023).
She Is The Ancient 2e. (Beth The Bard, 2022).


Strixhaven: Field Studies. (2024).


Vineyard RPG Kickstarter. (2023).
One Night Strahd. (2021).


A queer millennial seeking to make artistic games which are fun, build community, and educate on differing perspectives through shared experiences. She is an Irish-American transfem focused on developing a sustainable and inclusive industry.